Join Us!

Be part of the exciting new voice for the Ottawa-Gatineau and surrounding area wedding industry association.

Potential members will be recognized professionals and admitted by the Board on a case-by-case basis. Criteria establishing their professional standing can include the following for membership:

  1. A person who is over 18 years old
  2. A business who provides good and/or services to the wedding industry
  3. A business who’s address is within Ottawa-Gatineau and immediate surrounding area, defined as within a 90 minute drive from Ottawa City Hall.
  4. A business has been operating for over one year
  5. A business must have an online presence, at a minimum a website
  6. Can provide a business number, proof of insurance
  7. Agrees to adhere to the OGWIA Code of Ethics and its By-Laws OGWIA
  8. Have been in the industry for over one year
  9. Agrees to pay a yearly membership fee of $150.00


Q: What is the membership fee used for?

A: A membership with the OGWIA, which is a non-profit volunteer run organization, will support the local wedding industry. The funds are used for advocacy on our industry’s behalf during this difficult time when we all need one voice to tell our story. Plus the association will bring you networking nights, education, information, support, leadership, recognition and guidance.

Join us by providing the following information.