Code of Ethics and Conduct

The OGWIA believes in promoting strong mutual trust and respect amongst our
membership, volunteers, employees, contractors and customers. This is vital to the growth
and integrity of the OGWIA. It is with this in mind that the Code of Ethics and
Conduct (The Code of Business Conduct and Professional Practice) has been established.

This code outlines the standards by which our professional membership across the Ottawa
Gatineau area must conduct their activities with respect to consumers and other members
and applies without exception to every OGWIA member, volunteer and employee, who acts
as part of this growing industry.

Members will be expected to act professionally and appropriately to correct any situation whenever improper conduct is identified. Even theapp earance of impropriety can damage the Association’s good name and/or the parties involved.

Download the Code of Ethics and Conduct here: OGWIA Code of Ethics and Conduct_Bylaws 2020v3