Couple getting married at Princess Louise Falls in Orleans. Courtesy Alan Viau


When the Ontario Government released its colour-coded plans earlier this year, couples began planning around them. In 3 out of the 5 colour stages, couples could expect to host 50 guests indoors and 100 guests outdoors. Most clients planning for the spring, summer, and fall organized their guest lists with these numbers in mind.

Unfortunately, the latest 3-Step Reopening plan has thrown couples and vendors for a loop. Not only are the numbers a far cry from the allowances we’d planned for, the new plan does not indicate when we might be allowed to host 50 or 100 guests this year.

Justifiably, couples, venues, and vendors alike are confused and frustrated. While the OGWIA and Wedding Venues across the province continue to petition the Ontario Government for increased capacity limits for the summer, we wanted to provide everyone with some clarity as far as what the guidelines are tell us right now.


The chart below provides an overview of each Step, including when each step is currently anticipated to begin based on the 21-day minimum window for each Step; these dates could change.

In each step, we’ve outlined the allowances for Wedding Ceremonies taking place either indoors or outdoors. We’ve also provided the restrictions on gathering sizes for Private Gatherings taking place either indoors or outdoors.

PDF Version:


Please take note that we have not included restriction details for Professional Wedding Venues. This is because each venue falls under a different category in the regulations. Some venues are to follow the “Restaurant” guidelines, some will operate under the “Event & Meeting Spaces” guidelines, and some may operate under the “Private Gathering” guidelines.

We strongly encourage you to reach out to your venue coordinator to discuss the restrictions for your wedding date.


Based on the numbers, as they sit right now, we expect that June will consist of very small outdoor micro-weddings for 10 people or less, July will consist of larger outdoor micro-weddings of 25 people or less, and August may see us return to the 50-100 person guidelines of the previous colour system (however, those numbers are not yet outlined).


If you require clarity on any of these guidelines, please consult the Government of Ontario’s Reopening Plan website: www.ontario.ca/reopen or call your local Health Unit for guidance.

Contributed by Sophie Branchaud

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