March Newsletter

Welcome to our latest newsletter. It contains various articles from the Board of Directors relating to the association, its focus on being an advocate and voice for our industry as well as some inspiring stories for you to enjoy.  We hope it provides you with important information and brightens your day.

GOVERNMENT ADVOCACY: More needs to be done.

By – Dr Alan Viau, President

This newsletter is being published just when the Ottawa region is about to move from the Orange to Red Zone. This is clearly discouraging for our industry. Last weekend, I performed two outdoor weddings. I felt such joy in marrying these happy couples. I realized how much I missed weddings – how much I missed the connection with people.

In 2020, we all thought that this pandemic would be over for 2021. So we roughed it out. We dealt with angry couples and arranged to move their dates to 2021. Now it seems that this may not be the future. With the continual sway from opening to closing, it is conceivable that normalcy may not return until 2022.

The collateral damage of COVID to our community is devastating. Statistics Canada published a survey that states 40% of Canadians are feeling depressed because of COVID. Insurers are reporting that one out of two disability claims are mental health related to COVID. In the Ottawa Health Unit area, over 13,000 surgeries were postponed. Our neighbours may be dying because their surgery was not timely. Another Statistics Canada survey predicts that over 50% of Food and Beverage outlets may not survive if this continues. We all feel and live these statistics.

Meanwhile, the governments are relying on the vaccine roll out to solve the issue. They have not seriously pursued rapid testing, researching the real reasons for virus spread, humped all the burden of control on small business owners, and the need for continued financial support through 2022 for the hardest hit industries like ours. These are issues to which the OGWIA will be speaking to our government representatives.

I thank all the members of the OGWIA for their support in continuing to bring these issues to our governments.

WHAT DO THE COLOR CODES MEAN FOR WEDDINGS? It is a mixed bag trying to figure it out.

Our Board Member, Stephanie Brown-Malenfant has gathered data and produced a single graphic which quick illustrates what the different color zones mean for our industry. It is important to understand the different zones because the NCR has a mix of Red, Yellow, and Green zones. You can download the image below.

UPDATE: The Ontario government has revised their restrictions for restaurant operations in the RED zone. Now restaurants can operate at 50% capacity up to a maximum of 50 people.

There are some impacts for Hair and Make-up. In the Green and Yellow zones, all is permitted. However, in Orange and Red – personal care services where mask has to be removed are “not” permitted, but some artists are doing ‘eyes only’.

In addition there is the complexity of Quebec whose Orange color does not mean the same as Ontario. In Gatineau, Quebec, the current Orange zone means that no public gatherings are permitted. Restaurants do not have a limit for capacity. It is up to each business to accommodate only two people per table and physically distance each table. The existing curfew means that everybody must be out by 9pm. If Gatineau moves to the Red zone, it is essentially a lock down – nothing is permitted.

Information for this diagram was taken from:

Ontario’s reopening framework: 
Guide to meeting and event facilities:

MEMBERSHIP: You Only Get Out What You Put In. Don’t Expect More Until You Do More.

Brian Henry – Membership Committee

Have you wondered why some people are more successful than others? Do you wonder how some people find the time to do all the things they do? If the answer is yes, then you are just like I was 13 years ago. Back then, I came across this quote “You only get out what you put In. Don’t expect more until you do more.”  This quote came back to me when I logged into the seminar presented by the OGWIA on March 1st. On that night, the seminar speaker was Catherine Fair – a certified Master Business Coach with Rhapsody Strategies. Catherine provided everyone who was on the call with some valuable insights into our lives and our businesses. During the call, I was thinking of all the members who didn’t join us for the seminar and how they are missing out on the valuable information. Personally, I was tired that night and I could have easily turned on the TV to relax or taken the night off – but I didn’t. I jumped on the call and learned a few things that I didn’t know. Some people who didn’t join us for the seminar will say they spent time with their family which is important. I get it. Family is very important and that is why I had a nice meal with my entire family at 6pm, jumped on the call at 7pm for 1 hour then logged off the call and joined my family for a movie starting at 8pm. This brings me back to the quote. I was able to “do more” and I got more from that one hour at the seminar then if I had decided to listen to the voice in my head saying to take the night off. It’s about arranging priorities. I used to say I don’t have time to work out. Now I get a up a little earlier each morning and I go to the gym at 7am before going to the office. This way, I don’t cut into my family time. I used to say I don’t have time to volunteer. Now I never say no. I find the time to volunteer by being more focused at work to get things done or by working a bit faster. I know we are being pulled in different directions and it’s not easy to do everything. Now is the time to take a moment to look at your daily life to see where you can find more time to improve your business, your health, or your family life – because ”You only get out what you put In. Don’t expect more until you do more.”  And hopefully, you will find enough time to join us for the next seminar or social event presented by the OGWIA.

APRIL MEMBERS FORUM: Get Ready For Tax Season

Are you getting stressed out thinking about filing your taxes for 2020? Tune in on:

Monday April 5th at 7pm (zoom link to be provided later)

Ted Williamson (President) of SRT Accounting will be our guest

With the accounting chaos of 2020, we want to help our members make the best decision possible when closing their books for 2020 and doing their taxes. With that said here are a few topics we think you could touch on but not limited to:

-Government backed loans (CEBA)



We posted a Facebook discussion to get feedback from you our members and to see what questions they would like to address. See the OGWIA Facebook page.

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