Big Shout Out for Catherine Fair, Business Coach

The OGWIA wants to sincerely thank Catherine Fair for her presentation to its members on March 1, 2021. Her insights on how to think about your business during COVID were immense. Catherine has been a friend of the Ottawa-Gatineau Wedding Industry Association since its inception.  During the onset of COVID, she offered up her assistance to OGWIA’s members and continues to do so now.

Catherine started unofficially coaching small business owners through her work with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB).  Because of Catherine’s main motivator, having a positive impact, she felt she needed to expand her role into something more formal and deeper. 

She is now a certified Master Business Coach and works with Ottawa based firm Rhapsody Strategies.  As a coach, trainer, and facilitator, Catherine helps owners and their teams become more efficient, more profitable and most importantly, happier in their work.  Similar to being a personal trainer for business, Catherine helps bring drive and direction to obtaining goals that once seemed elusive.  If you are looking to become a better leader, have a better team or better results, Catherine can help.  You can book a free Discovery Session by contacting her at  To find out what others are saying about working with Catherine go to:

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