OGWIA Teams Up With The Ontario Weddings Association

The Ottawa-Gatineau Wedding Industry Association (OGWIA) and the Ontario Wedding Association (OWA) are thrilled to announce a closer collaboration of efforts. Both organizations were established in 2020 with the vision of bringing the local industries together in face of the COVID-19 economic realities. Today, they announce that because of a shared vision, the two organizations will be sharing and cooperating in activities and advocacy.

Adversity sometimes brings people together in ways that would not have been possible before. The root of both the OGWIA and OWA (based in Cambridge, ON) is one of creating a sense of community among wedding professionals. Specifically, the organizations want to inspire all industry professionals through Advocacy, Promotion, Education, Networking, and Support. These five pillars are delivered by:

1- Speaking to governments, suppliers, and other organizations through one strong voice.

2- Promoting the value of the industry to the public

3- Elevating industry standards and professionalism through learning opportunities and quality educational activities

4- Hosting of peer-to-peer networking meetings

5- Providing support to its members on issues such as insurance, licensing, business operations

As a first step the OGWIA and OWA will be inviting each other’s members to their education nights.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the first events where members from OWA and OGWIA can attend.

The OWA On February 23, 2021 will be hosting an education session on Branding.

And the OGWIA on March 1 at 7:30pm will have business coach Catherine Fair as invited guest speaker.

In addition, on an ongoing basis, the OGWIA and OWA will be joining forces on government advocacy to increase the impact of our collective voices.

It is fantastic to be with another organization that has similar goals where we can leverage each other’s expertise and activities. This really is invigorating.

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