Thanks For Growing With Us.

Welcome to 2021. I am sure all of us are hoping that this COVID situation improves enough by the summer so that we can do what we love doing – weddings!

In the fall of 2020, a few of us decided that an association representing the wedding industry at large was needed. We had a broad vision of activities. Foremost in our minds was government advocacy to have our voices heard. We have written letters to all three levels of government, contributed to public consultations, and been mentioned in the media. We even managed to have a Virtual Holiday party that was well attended and fun!

We have grown to 50 members. We are seeing increased interest in our efforts by our members, the media, and politicians. The OGWIA Board thanks you for growing with us.

The Board held a meeting this week and we want to announce what’s coming up for 2021. The Board realized that we have grown to the point where we need an executive to run daily operations while committees are charged with special projects.

The Board is pleased to have appointed as President Dr Alan Viau (Officiant at All Seasons Weddings), Vice-President Shannon Kennedy (Owner of Kennedy Events), Secretary Jen McAndrew (Co-founder of Mastermind Events Rentals), Treasurer Scott Smith (Co-owner of Quality Entertainment). All executive and board positions are non-paid.

What’s coming up for 2021? We have an ambitious agenda:

1- A monthly newsletter to keep everyone informed of progress.

2- A quick response team to respond to and inform our membership about breaking government announcements.

3- Planning virtual or real “pub” events to casually connect and support each other.

4- Consulting with a contract lawyer on generic wording any one can use in their contracts with regards to deposits.

5- Promotion of our members including profiling them on our various electronic media outlets.

6- Hosting monthly open Zoom nights with invited speakers, themes, and trends.

7- Continued government advocacy to advance our positions.

Each initiative is led by a Board member. And they will need help to complete these. We would be delighted to receive your offer to assist in any of these activities. Just drop us an email at

Thank you for joining together as a community in these trying times. There will be changes to our industry and it is our hope at the OGWIA that we can be there to support each other in these transitions.

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