Ottawa Bylaw Clarifies Who Can Work A Wedding

Our Board member Sophie Branchaud reached out to Ottawa Bylaw to understand the specifics of who is allowed to work a wedding and how. Here are the specifics:


Weddings of 10 people are permitted indoors at a venue allowed to open or outdoors as long as guidelines for social distancing and mask-wearing are adhered to.


Are permitted to perform the ceremony.

Must wear a mask.

Must maintain social distancing

Is included in the 10-person limit.

DJ’s & Musicians:

Not permitted unless supplied by venue and via sound system and in own area not accessible to public will not be part of 10 – best to have a recording done that can play through the ceremony by a member of the wedding group

Are permitted to provide music for the ceremony

Must wear a mask

Must maintain social distancing

Does not count in the 10-person limit if they can maintain sufficient distance from the group

Catering & Food Services:

Not permitted to serve food on-site

Individual food packages can be distributed to guests to take home (cannot be consumed on-site)

Food must be provided through pick-up or delivery services


Permitted to provide flowers by delivery or curb-side pickup.


Vehicle services, such as uber, are permitted to operate and could be used to provide transportation to and from the ceremony. Section 36. Businesses and facilities that provide transportation services, including,

(a) transportation services provided by air, water, road and rail, including taxis and other private transportation providers;

Photographers & Videographers:

Not permitted

Hair & Makeup Artists:

Not permitted

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